Airport Industrial Park

Airport Industrial Park

Airport Industrial Park

Airport Industrial Park is a 77 acre bustling commercial subdivision in the West of Nassau. The area is subdivided into 104 lots which house some of the most prominent businesses in The Bahamas.

Unique in being the only commercial/light industrial area in the West, it offers businesses an opportunity to set up manufacturing; fabrication; construction or other commercial ventures just three minutes from Nassau's international airport and take advantage of the growing populations of the Western subdivisions.

The area is managed by a strong Property Owners Association which protects the covenants of the area and keeps property values high. It also manages safety in the subdivision with gated access between the hours of 8pm to 6pm; 24 hour security officers on the premises who constantly patrol, and CCTV poignantly positioned throughout all of the roads in the Park.

Utilities are all in place and paved and well maintained roads provide easy access.

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